Project Brief: Say It Isn’t So


Can a lifelong con man really change his cheating ways?


Pono, a tenacious seven-year-old Hawaiian boy, lives with his family in a five-story tree house, deep in the rainforest of HSet in the late 1950’s, Jesse is a Filipino Casanova and legendary con-artist. Nearing 81 years of age, Jesse has outlived most everyone except his best friend Blair, who knows him better than he knows himself. Blair is sitting at the table tinkering with an old movie camera, trying to get the darn thing working, when Jesse stops by her yard sale. Jesse promises to change his cheating ways. Does the octogenarian really mean it this time?

Director’s Statement:

In April of 2021, I participated in a Sundance Co//ab Directing class. Participants from around the world were given the same script (written by Sundance Alumni Alex Smith) and tasked with creating the characters, a backstory, and a world in which all these elements co-exist. My goal was to replicate the look of old family home 8 mm videos shot by my maternal grandfather in the late 1950’s, shortly before he passed away at the age of 50. I took this opportunity to create a scenario set in the late 50’s then set out to create a one take scene with a final aspect ratio output of 4:3.

Film Festivals:

  • L.A. Shorts International Film Festival Los Angeles: United States, July 1, 2021, North American Premiere, Official Selection
  • Salento International Film Festival Tricase Italy: September 7, 2021, Italy Premiere, Official Selection/ Women in Cinema Short Film Competition
  • Made in Hawaii Film Festival Hilo: United States, Hawaii Premiere, May 6, 2022
  • New Haven International Film Festival New Haven: United States, October 22, 2022


Iodice Media is passionate about telling stories close that come from the heart and often features stories about family, community, and life events. Cindy has won dozens of awards including 27 awards on the International Film Festival circuit.

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