Behind the name (and logo)

The Iodice family has origins in the Amalfi region of Southern Italy. Iodice was a well-known noble family in Naples and in numerous cities in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The Iodice family was declared admissible in the Royal Bodyguards in 1835 and participated in the campaign of 1860-61 for the defense of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The Iodice family boasted assets and palaces and were the proud proprietors of two prominent chapels in the region. According to genealogical records, the surname Iodice (judge or to judge) is one who administered justice and managed territories. The Iodice family shaped Italy’s high society occupying important roles as captains, baron, baroness, dukes, and lords. The family held important offices in public employment and in military services: a famous jurisconsult (an expert in national and international Law), magistrates, captains, lieutenant, an advisor to Queen Giovanna I (1382), waiters and knights of King Charles III, Archbishop of Taranto, Cardinal, and Camerlengo of the Holy Church. Iodice of the noble and titled families of Napolitano, ascribed to the Seats of Naples, to the Napolitano Golden Book, belonging to the squares of the cities of Napolitano had a role in the events of Southern Italy. The Iodice archive includes: the handwritten annotation of the President of Cassation Antonio Iodice; the notorious deed kept in the State Archives of Naples on the ancient nobility of the family and the coat of arms and family crest depicted on Iodice properties.


“We can always create a new narrative based
on where we focus our lens.”

–Cindy Iodice


Winning Hearts (and Awards)

Authentic story telling is one of the most effective ways to connect with people's hearts and minds. Iodice Media produces stories about family, culture, traditions, community, and life. On April 22, 2020, my oldest brother Corey Iodice was assisting a disabled motorist in Connecticut when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver who was traveling at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic when he failed to slow down and move over. My brother was killed instantly. The medical examiner wrote in his report that “Corey’s injuries were unsurvivable.” Shock, disbelief, and grief consumed me and my family. The global pandemic, which was ramping up in the United States, complicated navigating this tragedy. Our nation was on lockdown. Corey’s funeral was limited to 10 family members only. We did not have our extended family, friends, and community to help us through this incredibly painful event. Everyone in the world was afraid of contracting Covid-19, including us. Corey’s death was beyond painful, the pandemic disordered our grief. Six months after Corey died, our dad was taken to the hospital. Russ never recovered from the loss of his first-born son. Short on beds and amid an unprecedented medical crisis, the hospital mistakenly put him in a full Covid unit when he did not have the virus. Through tears we begged the hospital staff to move our dad. Within in few hours they found him a new room. Four days later he tested positive for the virus. Our family patriarch, our father, our mentor, our rock, our hero, our fearless leader, your friend and mentor, and a well-known legend in the towing industry succumbed to Covid-pneumonia on December 17, 2020. Our family will never be the same. We will never recover our losses. For those in my family who survived, 2020 was one of our worst years ever, but it taught us that together we can get through the hard times in life. We firmly believe that family is everything and all that really matters in this world. Iodice Media embodies resiliency: acceptance, purpose, and flexibility! My short film, The Bridge, won twenty-seven international awards. The story is based on the untimely loss of my big brother Brian (1981) and the reconciliation of guilt and grief. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work on other projects in various capacities: Cinematographer, Camera Operator, D.I.T (Digital Imaging Transfers) and Photographer. Film credits on other award-winning projects include Sundance Indigenous Lab Waikiki the Film, short film 38 Minutes, Chasing Shadows on Amazon Prime, Ride the Thunder 2014 Oscar shortlist, Netflix, and Kumu Hina 2011 Netflix, Amazon Prime, and PBS.

Winning Hearts


An Eye on the Future while Honoring the Past

Iodice Media seeks to inform, engage, educate, and inspire viewers to find new and intresting way to look at the world and the people in it. Iodice Media's mission is to capture, create and share stories that explore the emotional experiences we each encounter to some degree in life.

“In the silence is when I feel the pain, making memories and media that matters is how I try to understand and process life.”
~Cindy Iodice

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